Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin

Published Llewellyn Worldwide, April 2015.

It is not often that book comes along that really changes the way we understand tarot. Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin are incredibly thorough and dedicated researchers who have written a book that will change almost everything we think we know about the Waite-Smith Tarot.


– Barbara Moore

The secrets of the Waite-Smith tarot deck are revealed for the first time in a century in this ground-breaking book. In radical new research and supported by new photographs of Pamela Colman-Smith and her friends, the true elegance of the card designs are brought to new life.

Also drawing on published and unpublished writings of A. E. Waite (from research conducted during the writing of Abiding in the Sanctuary) this book shows the true conception & symbolic intent of the Waite-Smith Major cards – according to Waite himself.

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“Astonishing revelations of Pixie Smith’s contributions to the Tarot! Masterful, and not to be missed.”—Mary K. Greer, author of The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals

The Minors are revealed to be the design work of Pamela Colman Smith herself, and we demonstrate why A. E. Waite would not have been aware of her work – nor particularly cared.

Get the book today and be amongst the first people in the world to learn the truth about the Tarot.

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