Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Puck & Pixie (Edy Craig and Pamela Colman Smith) painted by Pamela.

In a book of this scope, there will be errors both of grammar and typesetting, and even actual mistakes – heaven forbid!

So here are the ones we have spotted, and which will be corrected for the next edition … please feel free to comment below if you spot any typos or similar issues.

Pamela Colman-Smith or Pamela Colman Smith: We should be more consistent with this, even though during her time her name was often misspelt. Her death certificate has the incorrect COLEMAN-SMITH, for example, with an ‘E’ and a hyphen.

Her own signatures of her full name do not have a hyphen, so we should change all references to Pamela Colman Smith.

p. 126. “6 of Swords” should be “4 of Swords”

I (Marcus) often get those two confused, just when I am naming them, not in readings, of course!

In part correction for this mistake, until a further edition is issued, here is a colour image from our photography showing more clearly the mystery of the High Priestess/Mary.

Secrets of the Waite Smith Tarot

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Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot.

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2 thoughts on “ERRATUM

  1. On page 55

    Each suit consists of ten numbered cards…..but there are instead three honours:

    Should that be Four honours?

  2. p.128 “A tate of acceptance needs to be….” should read “A state of acceptance needs to be.”

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